Athlete Profile: Yvonne Chart

Profile image of Yvonne Chart alongside image of Yvonne fencing


Yvonne Chart

Course and Year of Study

DPhil Materials (3rd year)






Truro Fencing Club and Salle Boston

Highest Competition Level


Best Achievement

Bronze medal with the England team at the Commonwealth Games in 2015

Short Term Aspirations

Win BUCS Individual and Team National Championships

Long Term Aspirations

To support the growth of women's fencing in the UK

How did you get into the sport?

I loved watching 'the Parent Trap' when I was younger. In that movie there is a scene with fencing and I just thought it was really cool and wanted to give it a try. Over 15 years of fencing later - I guess it stuck!

How has the Blues Performance Scheme helped you?

The Blues Performance Scheme has helped me to improve my strength, which has been especially difficult while managing various injuries. I have also really appreciated the opportunity to work with a sports psychologist; this has helped me both in and out of my sport. 

What is your advice on balancing sport and academia?

Your schedule is your best friend, and be aware of your priorities. Make sure you have time to do the things you need to and also give yourself time to relax - that should be a priority too!


Photo credit: @DenPollitt