Blues Awards

The Blue is the highest honour granted to individual sportspeople at the University of Oxford and is a highly sought-after achievement for Oxford student athletes. The awarding of a Blue is dependent on the status of each sport and the specific criteria associated with competing at the highest level within that sport. Oxford students who achieve a Blue receive a certificate to acknowledge their achievement and are also eligible to purchase Blues merchandise appropriate to the the status of their award (Full or Half Blue). The status of each sport and the criteria required to be awarded a Blue are managed by the Oxford University Blues Committee.

Oxford University Blues Committee

The Oxford University Blues Committee is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of each sport’s status and criteria, and for the subsequent awarding of Blues at Oxford. It is made up of the current captains of the affiliated clubs (those with a Blues status), and the Exec Committee: the President, Secretary and Treasurer. The current Exec Committee members are listed below:
President 21/22: Dan Bundred, St John's College
Secretaries 21/22: Benedict Yorston, Merton College
Treasurer 21/22: Mary Strevens, Magdalen College
All affiliated clubs are required to send one representative to each of the termly meetings and to review the status of their sport once every 3 years. For further information on the structure and operation of the committee please refer to the committee constitution linked below.


For the current list of criteria and to see the Blues status of each sport please download the criteria document below.