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Whether it’s going for a walk to take a break from your studies, or keeping up your individual training to take your place in the starting XV at Twickenham for the famous Varsity Match, everyone can get active at Oxford, even during current restrictions. Our campaign is designed to help you get involved in sport and physical activity, no matter how seriously or casually you wish to take it. A growing body of research is highlighting the many benefits that getting active has, from mental health, through to life expectancy and even academic performance. We want to spread the simple message that physical activity really is for everyone. So whether you have ambitions of becoming a Full Blue, or simply want to make some positive lifestyle choices, we want to help everyone at Oxford enjoy getting active, and experience the many benefits that come along with doing so.

Getting Active during National Lockdown

Staying active during the Covid-19 pandemic hasn't been easy. We have all had to adapt our lives and our habits. Sometimes this has been to the benefit of staying active, having more time at home or in college, and spending less time travelling to get to our studies or our workplaces. Sometimes this has been to the detriment of our wellbeing, spending a whole day behind a screen and in one place. On this page, we hope to give you some ideas of how you can stay active during the latest restrictions: -

  • Make time to get active - Set yourself some time during the day (mornings, lunchtimes and the end of your day work very well) and get into the habit of using that time only to stay active
  • Set yourself a goal - Set yourself an acheivable goal. If you are new to the activity, using a tool like Couch to 5k or following a beginner programme might help you to set those targets.If your an experienced athlete, then your goals might be about maintaining your strength and fitness for when you can return to training and competitions
  • Get active outdoors - yes, the weather makes this trickier than it was in summer, but getting active outdoors is still the easiest way to keep yourself moving and meet your goals. Go for a walk, a run or a cycle, and whatever your preference, make it appropriate to you with an acheivable goal
  • Online classes - if being outdoors isn't for you, or you want to vary your activities, online classes are a great way get active. There are hundreds of options online,but our Active Anywhere membership (currently free for students and £0.01 for everyone else) with over 500 classes ready to stream, is a great option
  • Keep each other motivated - in the current restrictions, you can still meet with anyone in your household or with 1 other person outdoors. Train with a friend to keep yourself motivated and even if you don't plan to get active outside, get in touch with your friends and team mates to get active together online via video call
  • Team training - if you are a member of a club or society, or even as a group of friends, you may be able to train together via video call. Following a team training plan and keeping each other active can be really helpful in terms of both social interaction and motivation

Getting active or staying active will look different for everyone. Do what feels right for you, but make sure you stay #ActiveAtOxford.

Small Actions to Stay Active

If online classes, individual training or outdoor exercise is not for you, the benefits of simply making a small change, such as taking a brisk walk each day, can also be hugely important, and should not be underestimated.

Oxford is a beautiful, compact and walkable city. There are also some great cycle paths and routes, so get some fresh air, in whatever way you choose.

“There are huge benefits to sport and physical activity, with some fantastic clubs and opportunities across the University for students.

“There is always a way to balance sports with studying, and we actively encourage students to get active while they are here.”

Martin Williams
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)

How Can you Help?

Donate now to support Active at Oxford. This general fund will aim to reduce any barriers to participation and secure the quality of provision, from equipment to coaching. Your gift will ensure that all sports are supported, regardless of the size of the club, or the ability of its players; it will support existing sports, as well as champion new and non-traditional activities such as the accessible sport programme. However much you choose to give, your gift is greatly appreciated and will have a real, lasting impact.


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