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Why Get Active at Oxford?

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Whether it’s going for a walk to take a break from your studies, or signing up to take your place in the starting XV at Twickenham for the famous Varsity Match, everyone can get active at Oxford. Our campaign is designed to help you get involved in sport and physical activity, no matter how seriously or casually you wish to take it. A growing body of research is highlighting the many benefits that getting active has, from mental health, through to life expectancy and even academic performance. While Oxford has a truly world class pedigree when it comes to sport, we want to spread the simple message that sport really is for everyone. So whether you have ambitions of becoming a Full Blue, or simply want to meet some new friends and make some positive lifestyle choices, we want to help everyone at Oxford enjoy getting active, and experience the many benefits that come along with doing so.

Get Involved

There are no shortage of ways to get involved in sport at Oxford. To start with you can use our tasters and trials timetable, which will show you all the opportunities to try new sports, tryout for competitive teams and stay active whilst at Oxford. If you already know which clubs you’d like to get involved with, be sure to contact the specific club you are interested in via our Sports A to Z. There are few prouder feelings than representing Oxford at University level and in Varsity fixtures.

College sport is another great way to get active, both through inter-college competitions (available in most competitive sports) and with many colleges offering dedicated gyms, fitness facilities and activities. Talk to your JCR or MCR Sports Rep for more information on what’s available in your college or find out how to get involved in inter-college competitions via our Sports A to Z - Inter College Competitions filter.

Iffley Road Sports Centre has recently been extended and now offers health and fitness opportunities for all, new accessible facilities and continues to act as a training venue for many of our sports clubs. See the group fitness classes on offer and read more about our gym, swimming, track and fitness class memberships and activity passes. You can even run on Oxford’s famous running course, which was of course the home of Sir Roger Bannister’s Four Minute Mile –  track running memberships are completely free for staff and students all year round!

Being Active

If sport is not for you, the benefits of simply making a small change, such as taking a brisk walk each day, can also be hugely important, and should not be underestimated.

Oxford is a beautiful, compact and walkable city. There are also some great schemes for bike hire, so get some fresh air and save some money on your bus fares.

“There are huge benefits to sport and physical activity, with some fantastic clubs and opportunities across the University for students.

“There is always a way to balance sports with studying, and we actively encourage students to get active while they are here.”

Martin Williams
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)

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