Athlete Profile: Izzy Marshall

Izzy Marshall hitting a tennis ball


Izzy Marshall


Philosophy, Politics and Economics 


New College


3rd (finalist)




Oxford University Lawn Tennis Club, Halton Tennis Club

Highest Competition Level


Best Achievement

Winning the Seabright Cup 2022

Short Term Aspirations

Be undefeated in BUCS Matches, Win the BUCS Individuals Tournament. Qualify for the main draw of a WTA event. 

Long Term Aspirations

Achieve a WTA world ranking. Represent GB. 

How did you get into the sport?

My parents would drop me off to multi-sport holiday camps in the summer where I got to try out loads of sports and I took an early liking to tennis. I was very competitive and would insist on playing matches against anyone who was up for it. 

How has the Blues Performance Scheme helped you?

The BPS has helped a lot in providing structure to my life at Oxford as an athlete and a student. The support has helped me to define what my goals in tennis are and how they align with other parts of my life like my degree and my plans after university. 

What is your advice on balancing sport and academia?

Use your training time to completely disengage your brain from academia. Sometimes it is easier than others but sport is a fantastic way to completely reset the mind when studying.