Athlete Profile: Zac Hudd

Zac Hudd profile image and Zac Hudd running through woods while orienteering


Zac Hudd

Course and Year of Study

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2nd Year)






IFK Lidingo, West Cumberland Orienteering, Oxford University Orienteering Club

Highest Competition Level

GB at Junior World Champs level

Best Achievement

6th place at World School Championships, U21 British Sprint Orienteering Champion

Short Term Aspirations

Get a medal in the relay at the European Junior Orienteering Championships (April, 2021)

Long Term Aspirations

Selection for GB senior squad - get a medal at Senior World Champs

How did you get into the sport?

My parents took me to some races when I was younger and I gradually I took training more seriously

How has the Blues Performance Scheme helped you?

A well planned program has added consistency to my Strength and Conditioning

What is your advice on balancing sport and academia?

80% of your best is fine if you do it consistently.

How have you managed training during lockdown?

Once races were confirmed to be cancelled just going back to basics - working on strength and increasing volume gradually

Any advice for Oxford Uni athletes during lockdown?

Set some key short term goals to motivate you to replace competition