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Gliders are aircraft without engines. They work by getting an initial launch, either towed up behind a powered aircraft, or by taking a winch launch. Once released they descend at a constant rate. To remain airborne the pilot must find sources of life in the atmosphere. Once lift has been found the pilot stays in it, rising upwards with the air-mass. Once at a suitable altitude you can fly on, descending until it is time to find lift again. By doing this a glider can travel vast distances (thousands of kilometers) in a day, all without an engine! Gliding is inclusive to all genders and levels of experience, and we welcome enquiries from those with a disability regarding the accessibility of Gliding. 


Our Club | Oxford University Gliding Club

We are a student-run club who fly gliders – aeroplanes without engines. Launched into the sky at 70 mph and riding on rising air, the length and range of a flight are virtually limitless. It can be dramatic, challenging and exciting. On a good flying day, you could be soaring with the birds and playing with the clouds.

Oxford University Gliding Club is open to all staff and matriculated students of the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University. No previous experience of flying is required; you will receive full training by qualified instructors. Once competent, you can fly without an instructor and in different types of gliders.

OUGC’s home airfield is Bicester Gliding Centre (BGC), a few miles north of Oxford and only 30 mins door-to-door by bus. By being a member of OUGC you are automatically also made a member of BGC, with access to their full fleet of club aircraft and instructing team. Here you join a unique club, where you can go from complete beginner to licensed pilot in only a few months, learn aerobatics, experience a great atmosphere and fly across the country. 

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Inter-College | Cuppers

The Cuppers League is an internal competition, in which every matriculated OUGC pilot can participate on behalf of their college. 

The format is similar to Varsity (and it is used as a way to practice for Varsity), with the exception that it is a year-round competition. On any given day, a member can perform a soaring flight and submit the GPS flight trace to the captains for scoring. Pilots can submit multiple flights throughout the year.

At the annual dinner, the Cuppers Trophy is awarded to the college/pilot with the highest scoring flight. Flights can only be made if the member is still matriculated at the time. However, if the pilot graduates between submitting the flight and the next Annual Dinner, the trophy can still be awarded to this pilot. 


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