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Dinghy Sailing is inclusive to all genders and levels of experience, and we welcome enquiries from those with a disability regarding the accessibility of Dinghy Sailing. 


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OUYC Dinghy is split into two sections: Social Sailing and Racing.

Social Sailing is available to those who want to sail dinghies close to Oxford in a relaxed non-competitive environment. It is a great way to use the club’s boats for an afternoon of fun on Farmoor reservoir. 

We also compete in team racing; a fast and exciting sailing where tactics are just, if not more important than sailing your own boat over the finishing line. Each boat earns points equal to their finishing position and the team with the lowest total score wins. 

We train 3 teams for BUCS/BUSA. The competition is sailed in Firefly dinghies every year and we are lucky enough to have 12 of our own for training. As a member of the squad, you can expect to receive top quality coaching to improve both your boat speed and tactical knowledge. The teams also enter multiple weekend competitions every term in order to practise for the BUSA Championships over Easter.

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Inter-College | Cuppers

Sailing Cuppers is a great opportunity to try out sailing or get involved with OUYC. It's held at the nearby Farmoor reservoir, with teams of 4 (2 boats of 2 people each) competing in short '2-boat team races' in Firefly dinghies. Races are short, fast moving tactical battles to outwit and out-manoeuvre your opponents. Alternatively you can try to just get around the course without ending up in the water. 

All experience levels are welcome, so feel free to get involved whether or not you’ve done any sailing/team racing before. Squad members will be looking to recruit college teams so please contact your local OUYC representative if you want to try and form/join a team. You don't have to have a squad member to be competitive either.


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