A man in all white hitting a croquet ball with a mallet, across a croquet lawn

Croquet is an outdoor lawn game where each player uses a mallet to knock their ball through wickets (small wire hoops), aiming to be the first to go through all of them and strike the final stake, a thin, striped pole beyond the last wicket. Croquet is inclusive to all genders and levels of experience, and we welcome enquiries from those with a disability regarding the accessibility of Croquet. There are opportunities to play at non-competitive and competitive levels.


Our Club | Oxford University Croquet Club

The Club welcomes players of all standards whether you are an absolute beginner or experienced player. As well as providing the facilities for a gentle game of croquet in the pleasant surroundings of the University Parks, we also offer coaching and arrange fixtures to suit all skill levels. Fixtures are great fun - the Club travels extensively to play other clubs in this country and abroad.

Croquet is a sport where size, sex, age and to some extent ability are no handicap! Games can be played where the weaker player is given extra turns to even the odds of winning. Consequently under handicap play you can be playing against a world-class player and both sides have a good game. The Club has official referees and handicappers who also assist in the coaching. Eight previous members of the Club competed in the last croquet world championships.

Croquet has an annual Varsity against Cambridge and competes against other universities in the association croquet student championships.

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Inter-College | Cuppers

With around 2,000 participants every year, Croquet Cuppers is one of the biggest sporting events in Oxford University! Once again, the Croquet Association has generously provided prizes - there will be champagne for the best teams and lots of other prizes for the high performers!

Playing croquet is a great way to spend your summer in Oxford, whether you just want to relax and hit some balls about in the sun or you're aiming for a Half Blue. Most colleges will have kit and a lawn, so you just need to bring some enthusiasm...and perhaps a little Pimm's!

Cuppers teams consist of four players, playing as two doubles pairs. You don't need to have played before to enter; indeed most of the teams competing are novices! There is also no limit on the number of teams per college. There is a £2 entry fee per team, which at 50p a person is an absolute steal given how much fun Cuppers is!

As in previous years, the competition will run in a direct knockout format throughout Trinity term.

To get involved get in contact with the club through the above link or talk to your college sports rep.


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