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Canoe and Kayak is inclusive to all genders and levels of experience, and we welcome enquiries from those with a disability regarding the accessibility of Canoe and Kayak. The club’s competitive opportunities include white water racing, canoe polo, freestyle kayaking and marathon K1 and K2, taking on Cambridge in an annual varsity and other universities at BUCS. The club also offers non-competitive outdoor pursuits. 


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Kayaking is usually a one person boat with a double ended paddle. Canoeing is with a single ended paddle in an open boat. Just to confuse matters, canoeing is also used as a generic term covering both types of boat. Despite the club’s name, at the moment we only own kayaks. This does not mean that we are a kayak centric club. We currently have some experienced canoeists, so feel free to ask around and someone will put you in contact with them.

The club competes in Canoe Polo, marathon, white water racing and freestyle and attends events such as BUCS, The National Student Rodeo and the annual Varsity competitions. 

We also go on a number of fun trips and tours to various locations around the country, these normally take place over weekends.

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Inter-College | Cuppers

Cuppers are inter Collegial Sports Competitions. We usually organise a little polo tournament on Port Meadow. If your College wins you even get a little Trophy, and since it’s normally sunny we often have a BBQ too. If you are interested in playing please get in contact with your college sports rep or a member of the club.


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