Water Polo

We are lucky in Oxford to have a state of the art pool to train in at Oxford University Sport.

The Rosenblatt Pool has a lowerable floor to accommodate double-deep water polo.

Training times

Sunday, 6-7.30pm: Men’s Firsts and Seconds

Monday, 9-10.30pm: Women and Men’s Firsts

Tuesday, 5-7pm: All teams

Wednesday, 9-10.30pm: Matches

Friday, 9-10.30pm: Men’s Seconds and Women

What is water polo?

Water polo is a highly physical team sport in which the players of each squad try to score as many goals against the opposition as they can, while preventing their rivals from scoring goals at the same time. It requires fast reactions and finesse as well as great endurance, as players can swim up to 1500m in a match.

To find out more, please visit British Swimming

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Website: http://www.ouwpc.org/
Contact: ouwpc.pres@gmail.com
President: Ameen Chekroud (St. John's)
Treasurer: Victoria Olive (University)
Secretary: Ruby Sedgwick (St. Catherine's)
Social Secretary: Soraya Kezelmann (Pembroke), Christy Sadler (St. Peter's) Nicholas Corbett, (Wadham), Edward Sandford (St. John's)