The oldest TaeKwon-Do school in the UK, since 1967

Everyone is welcome to join our club! It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or not, or if you’ve had any previous experience of TaeKwon-Do or another martial art.

Training times and venues

Day Time Location Training type
 Sunday  17:00-19:30  Sports Hall, Iffley Rd General training
 Tuesday  16:30-18:00 Sports Hall, Iffley Rd  General training
 Thursday 16:30-18:00  Dojo, Iffley Rd  Fitness and sparring techniques


A Korean form of martial art, which has been the dominant form of martial art in that country since 1955

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Website: http://www.outkd.co.uk/
Contact: president@outkd.co.uk
President: Isabelle Naylor (Merton)
Treasurer: Douglas Andrews (St. Anne's)
Secretary: Ross Hendron (Pembroke)
Social Secretary: Catherine Paverd (St. John's)