OUSC is the competitive university swimming club, representing the university in all inter-university swimming events. Swimming is one of the few full blue sports, so has a prestigious status in the university sports scene.

Training times and venues (members must attend at least 6 weekly session)

Day Time Location Training type
 Monday  07:00-08:30  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool
 Tuesday 07:00-08:30  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool/Land
 Tuesday 19:00-21:00  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool
 Wednesday 17:00-19:00  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool
 Thursday 19:00-21:00  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool
 Friday 07:00-08:30  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool
 Friday 19:30-21:00  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool
 Saturday  09:00-11:00  Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley  Pool


Swimming is a hugely physical and demanding sport, with athletes competing over various distances. Swimmers need huge strength and stamina to power themselves through the water, as well as perfectly honed technique.

If you want to know more about swimming visit British Swimming

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Website: http://www.ousc.info/
Contact: tillson.ansell@wadh.ox.ac.uk
President: Tilly Ansell (Wadham)
Treasurer: Declan Pang (Queens')
Secretary: Adam Bagley (Hertford)
Social Secretary: Victoria Cox (Jesus)