Judo Club


Welcome to Oxford Judo, an outstanding opportunity for members of both the University and the wider Oxford community to train and compete together and to develop their judo skills to an ever-higher level. Judo is a full blue sport, and Oxford Judo has enjoyed great successes lately from our wide range of beginners, intermediates, and higher-level players. News are regularly updated on our website.

We are located in a dedicated dojo at the Oxford University Sports Centre at Iffley Road. We currently have around 50 regular members at local, national, and international level, and are always recruiting. Beginners are welcome to join the eight-week beginners’ course in Michaelmas term. Visit our dedicated beginners’ page for more information.

Judo is an excellent way to improve both mental and physical fitness, strenght, agility, and confidence, and at Oxford Judo we combine our enjoyment for training and competition with a friendly and fun social core. Oxford Judo trains all year round, so it is an ideal club for e.g. graduate or dphil students.



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Website: http://www.oxfordjudo.com/
Contact: info@oxfordjudo.com
President: Matthew Edmans

Membership Price: Membership fees are only £6.50 per month for Oxford University students, £9.00 per month for Oxford Brookes students, £11 per month for Oxford University staff members, Oxford Brookes University staff members and all other students and £16.50 per month for Oxford city residents. Casual visitors are welcome to join at £4.50 per session matt fee. The beginners’ course is free.