Harris Manchester College

Harris Manchester College

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JCR Website: http://www.hmc.ox.ac.uk/pages/default.asp?id=2&sID=126
JCR Sports Officer: Jean Petreschi

MCR Website: http://www.hmc.ox.ac.uk/pages/default.asp?id=2&sID=125
MCR Sports Officer:

Sports Ground Location: University Parks

Aside from the College punt, (The Royle Yacht), and a croquet lawn, the college has no further sports facilities. However, the College is a collectively a member of two central Oxford gyms and health club, and members of College can, without charge, use its facilities to swim and take part in classes, such as Pilates and yoga, as well as using the sauna and health spa.

Perhaps countering the stereotype of who mature students are, HMC students have represented the University in a number of sports and activities, including rowing, shooting, ballroom dancing, American football and women’s soccer.