Oxford University Cycling Club (OUCC) is the cycling club for members of the University of Oxford. Our members come from all across the University, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and permanent staff. We meet regularly both on and off the bike for everything from 100 mile adventures on the road, getting muddy on local mountain bike tracks, to chatting about cycling over a pint at the pub. We have special groups, including a high-performance road squad aimed at competing at BUCS events throughout the year, a mountain bike-group that also competes at events around the country, and social group rides for those just getting into cycling. We strive to be a friendly and welcoming group that provides a community for those who love to ride their bikes in any form.

Apart from our regular meet ups, the club organises some exciting trips, including a road training camp in January, and several mountain biking trips throughout the year, which always promise fun and adventure!

Training times and venues

Sessions during the week are subject to change, please contact us for the most up to date information.

Day Time Location Training Type
Sunday 10:00 Broad Street Group ride
Monday Day Off/Cross training*
Tuesday Day Off/Cross training*
Wednesday 14:30 Broad Street or Iffley Group ride or turbo
Thursday 18:00 Iffley Group turbo**
Friday Day off
Saturday 10:00 Broad Street Group ride

*Swimming, yoga, gym session, pilates…

** or solo- sometimes interchangeable with Friday

What is Cycling?

Competitive cycling is all about trying to be the fastest rider over a certain course. Of course there are a myriad variations on this simple theme that stress skill, tactics, endurance, and strength to different levels.

Road cycling is familiar to most people, fast paced and tactical with average speeds often exceeding 40km/hr for hours on end sometimes. We compete in road races, time trials, criteriums, and hill climbs throughout the year.

Mountain biking places a greater emphasis on skill and handling of the bike and takes place on off road tracks. The club also competes in several different disciplines of mountain bike races.

Find out more about different types of cycling at the British Cycling website. For updates about the clubs latest news and activities see our website and facebook page.


Contact details

President: Angus Fisk (Brasenose)
Treasurer: Oliver Bent (Somerville)
Secretary: Vincenzo Pratley (St. Hugh's)
Social Secretary: David JamesCheesman (St. Edmund Hall)