Club Documents

This area contains documents and links for student sports clubs.

Register a trip and / or book a hire vehicle

Please allow a minimum of 2 working days for a response to your submission about your intended trip. Please submit anything as early as you know about the intended trip.

Travelling abroad?

Check out what we will ask you to do if you want to travel abroad as a club.

Accident or Incident Reporting

University Sports Clubs who have any major accidents or incidents which result in the call out of the Emergency Services or in a member of the club being detained in ‘hospital’ for treatment ‘away’ from the Iffley Road Sports Complex, are required to complete an Accident Report Form. Accident Report Forms can be completed online and sent to the Sports Safety Officer as soon as is practicable.
Alternatively please send an email to the Sports Safety Officer:

David White

Any accident or incident occurring at Oxford University Sport, Iffley Road should be reported to the duty staff. They will provide appropriate first aid treatment and complete a report.
Accident Report Forms are forwarded to the University Safety Office.

Sports Charter

Our commitment to tackling homophobia and transphobia in sport.

Student Sport Code of Conduct

Everyone taking part in sport under the name of Oxford University is obliged to abide by these regulations.

BUCS #TakeAStand Charter

Our commitment to helping make sport accessible to everyone. This is also supported by the Student Sport Code of Conduct.

University Statutes & Regulations – Sports Clubs

Each university sports club is required to register with the Proctors and in so doing agrees to conform to the applicable university statues and regulations.

Establishing a New Sports Club

For details of the Sports Federation policy and application form, please contact the OUSF President