What does it mean to be a ‘lad’? Is being a lad seen as a good thing? How does lad culture affect the things you do and the decisions you make? 

If these are questions that interest you, you should consider getting involved with Good Lad workshops at Oxford!

Become a workshop facilitator!

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What are Good Lad workshops?
Good Lad workshops are male-facilitated workshops for male-only groups, such as sports teams, which provide space for men to engage with and discuss complex gender situations. We work with professional sports teams, schools, and varsity athletes at leading UK institutions.  The workshops are rapidly expanding within the UK and internationally, and have gained international coverage, including the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Times.

What will I get? 

You will receive professional training from the Good Lad Initiative team, ongoing support and skills development, and the opportunity to engage with complex gender issues facing students at Oxford. You will be paid £10 per a workshop and develop skills in presentation, group facilitation, leadership, management and programme development, all skills that will prepare you for taking on jobs beyond university. Furthermore, you will get to work in a rapidly expanding and dynamic  social enterprise, alongside like-minded skilled and passionate colleagues.

How do I start?

Email to find out more about facilitator training. 

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