College Sport

Sports also happens at College level, meaning instead of representing Oxford University, you will represent your college and compete against other colleges. College sports can be as serious or as chilled as you want it to be. You can be up early every morning doing ergs with your college rowing team, or you can turn up to play a college netball match once a term.

Most colleges have rowing, netball, hockey, football and rugby teams, but if there’s a sport you want to do, it is very easy to set up your own college team for it. College sport allows everyone at every level to get involved in friendly training and competitions.

Cuppers are intercollegiate sporting competitions at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The term comes from the word “cup” and is an example of the Oxford “-er”. You can find the cost of competing in cuppers for each sport below: –

Cuppers and Leagues – List of Charges

  • American Football – £2 per player (Cuppers)
  • Association Football

League – Mens JCR 1st teams-£32, Mens JCR Reserve teams-£32, Mens MCR Teams-£32; Women’s teams £32
Cuppers – Mens JCR 1st and Reserve teams £20, Mens MCR teams £20, Women’s teams £20
Affiliation to the Oxford University FA to cover all College Football participation is also now required at £20 per team: The affiliation fee is not a fee that should be reclaimed from College authorities, but should be levied on playing members of the College Football teams.

  • Association Football 5-a-side Men and Women £5 per team
  • Athletics £10 per College entry (Cuppers)
  • Badminton £15 per team for Cuppers and League (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Dancesport £6 per head (Cuppers)
  • Basketball Men £20 per College team (Cuppers)
  • Basketball Women £20 per College team (Cuppers
  • Canoe & Kayak £1 per person (Cuppers)
  • Clay Pigeon £12 per two-man entry (Cuppers)
  • Cricket Men £10 per College (Cuppers) £15 per College Team (League)
  • Cricket Women £10 per College (Cuppers)
  • Croquet £1 per team (Cuppers)
  • Cross-Country £10 per College (Cuppers and League) and £8 per team (St. Edmund Hall Relays)
  • Cycling 50p per person per event
  • Fencing £2.00 per entry (Cuppers)
  • Hockey Men £20 per College (League), £10 per team (Cuppers)
  • Hockey Women £20 per College (League), £10 per team (Cuppers)
  • Hockey Mixed £20 (2 day tournament played on Astro)
  • Ice Hockey £5 per player (Cuppers)
  • Karate £5 per Team (Cuppers)
  • Korfball £8 per team (Cuppers)
  • Lacrosse Men £1 per College (Cuppers)
  • Lacrosse Women £1 per College (Cuppers)
  • Mixed Lacrosse £28 per College Team (League) and £17 per College Team (Cuppers)
  • Lawn Tennis Men & Women £20 per team entered into a competition. Colleges entering 3 teams or more receive a £10 discount.
  • Lifesaving £5 per College (Cuppers)
  • Modern Pentathlon £20 per Team (Cuppers)
  • Motor Drivers £210 per team of 4 (Cuppers)
  • Netball £5 per team (Cuppers), £14 per College team (Premier League) or £5 per College team (Other Leagues), £10 per team (Mixed Cuppers)
  • Orienteering £10 per College (Cuppers) or £5 per College (League)
  • Pistol £5 per College (Cuppers)
  • Pool League £24 per 6 person College team / Cuppers £12 per 6 person College team / All other Cuppers eg pool singles are free to enter
  • Riding £15 per team of three riders
  • Rowing Eights and Torpids £40 per boat, Winter League £15 per college
  • Rugby Football Women £20 per team (Cuppers)
  • Rugby Football Mens Cuppers and League-No Charge (Under review Michaelmas 2004)
  • Rugby Football 7’s £20 per team
  • Rugby League £15 per College (Cuppers)
  • Ski £10 per team (Cuppers)
  • Squash No Charge (League), £5 for 1st team and £3 for subsequent teams (Cuppers)
  • Swimming £20 per College (Cuppers)
  • Table Tennis £5 membership per person (Cuppers and League)
  • Trampolining £2 per entry (Cuppers)
  • Ultimate Frisbee £15 per team
  • Volleyball £5 per team (Cuppers)
  • Windsurfing £5 per entry (Cuppers)
  • Yacht £25 per team (Cuppers)

Setting Charges

All charges for College Cuppers and League competitions are fixed by the Sports Strategy Committee (SSC) and cannot be changed without prior approval of the Committee. Clubs wishing to introduce or change fees must submit request to the Sports Strategy Committee for consideration before any change is made. Please contact the OUSF President for more details.