Athlete Profile: Philippa Warman

Two images of Philippa playing badminton


Philippa Warman


MSc Neuroscience/DPhil Materials







Competition Level

Currently senior county (premier divison) and top 65 XD, UK

Best Achievement

Top 30 XD, UK

Short Term Aspirations

As soon as covid-19 restrictions are lifted I aim to undergo on-court training regime to get back up to 'playing speed'. Depending on timings, I aim to compete/reach final stages in the restricted and other key tournaments to get back on track to reach/better the PB.

Long Term Aspirations

Improve on PB, re-establish myself of the national circuit. 

How did you get into the sport?

Boredom. That, and my parents 'play a bit'. The story goes that one summer when I was 13 I threw a typical teeenage tantrum claiming I was bored. My dad gave me that look ( you've got parents, you know the one) and told me to put on trainers whilst he packed a bag. He took me to the local sports centre and revealed that we were going to play badminton, to which I rolled my eyes and announced how much I hated that silly sport (which was funny because i'd never actually picked up a racket prior to this day). He just smiled patiently, 'you'll love it, trust me'. Two hours later I was begging 'just 5 more minutes dad PLEASE'. Here I am 12 years later. It's funny how parents have this annoying tendency to be right...

How has the Blues Performance Scheme helped you?

The S&C has helped me remain injury free this season and has improved my strength on court. The nutrition support has been helpful in helping me fuel correctly to get the best out of my sessions. The sports psychology has been useful to idenitfy my stressors/load and how to effectively manage any issues. 

What is your advice on balancing sport and academia?

Get organised. It sounds obvious, but just knowing what your weekly schedule is going to look like and how that fits in with your sporting commitments/events is critical for striking and maintaining balance. 

How have you managed training during lockdown?

I have turned my living room into a home gym - recovering from previous injuries has left me with plenty of theraband sets and exercise apparatus to aid working out. Hill running and footwork patterns for cardio, occasionally jump-rope. Basic racket skills practiced in the house/garden. 

Any advice for Oxford Uni athletes during lockdown?

Do what you can, where you can. Every little bit helps!