Athlete Profile: Alexandra Drewe

Images of Alexandra playing Lacrosse for Oxford and England


Alex Drewe

Course and Year of Study

Engineering (4th Year)


Somerville College 




Oxford University Lacrosse Club

Highest Competition Level

International representation for England, 2014 to present

Best Achievement

Bronze in the 2015 U19 World Championships, and gold in the 2019 Senior European Championships

Short Term Aspirations

Be selected for the Senior World Championships in summer 2021

Long Term Aspirations

Manage to fit in the correct amount of training once i've started a job to allow me to still compete internationally

How did you get into the sport?

Lacrosse was the main sport at my secondary school

How has the Blues Performance Scheme helped you?

It has provided me with frequent, valueable 1 on 1 S&C, so I have built up the areas I was weaker in, as well as continuing to increase in strength overall. The access to a nutritionist and psychologist has also helped me work on aspects of performance I had not given any thought to previously

What is your advice on balancing sport and academia?    

Doing sport is really beneficial to my uni work as it helps me focus; without sport I would have too much energy and be too agitated to sit still and work. I recommend doing some form of exercise each day definitely. To balance sport and academia I write lists each day of when I have what going on, and make sure I have enough time for sport and work as well as seeing friends and family.

How have you managed training during lockdown?    

I have actually slightly increased my training load as I have so much more time, and my sessions usually are speed based ones in the hills aroud where I live or strength based using the weights we have plus some tyres and logs.

Any advice for Oxford Uni athletes during lockdown?

Maintaining training and a routine as much as possible is good for mental health, at least I find this as it stops me viewing the lockdown with a negative outlook. Insta live HIIT workouts are also really great!