Exercising as a group


If you’re new to Oxford life, chances are you’re now beginning to feel a bit more settled after a hectic couple of weeks in your new home.

It’s about this time when many new students begin to crave a bit more of a routine to their daily lives. Having a little structure to your days will help you to really make the most of your time here, and fully settle in to Oxford life.

Adding some sport or physical exercise to your daily routine is a small step that can have a really positive impact on both your physical and mental health.

If you’re interested in playing for a sports team, then you are spoiled for choice, thanks to the hundreds of options that are offered by both the central University and College teams. Don’t worry if competitive sports don’t really interest you, though. Simply exercising as part of a group can be a fantastic way to meet some new friends and have a great time while exercising.

There are many reasons why exercising as part of the group is a great idea, here’s just a few:

You’re committed

Exercising as part of a group means you have created something of a commitment, and you’ll find it much more difficult to back out when the sofa is calling you at the end of a long day.

Choosing to exercise with other people is a great way to make yourself accountable, and you’re more likely to stick with your routine, in order to avoid feeling like you’re letting people down. Simply seeing the same people each week generates a group camaraderie that can be a powerful motivator to continue attending.

Equally, if you know that you’re motivated by finances, pre-paying for your classes can also be a great way to ensure you don’t waste that money and actually show up.

It’s planned in

Another great thing about group exercise, is that sessions and activities usually take place at the same time and the same place, so you can begin to plan your day around them.

Unlike going for a run when your feel like it, for example, your activity will be built into your schedule, meaning you create an organised routine that you are more likely to stick with in the long term.

It’s a great way to meet new people

One of the greatest benefits of exercising a group is that it’s simply an unbeatable way to get out and about, and around other people. Group fitness can help you to meet and socialise with people who you might not normally come into contact with, and especially with people from outside of your university bubble.

Looking after our mental health is important, and often simply saying ‘hello’ to a familiar face can be a great way to lift your mood.

A recent study from the University of New England even found a 26.2% drop in perceived stress levels from individuals who exercised in a group, higher than those who exercised alone.

Benefit from the expertise of an instructor

Another benefit to joining a fitness class is that you’ll have an expert trainer on hand to watch over you, and the class. This can be especially beneficial for activities such as rowing or weight training, where it’s important to have good form and technique in order to avoid injuring yourself, or causing any damage to your body.

An instructor can also be a great motivator, helping you to push yourself to get the best results from your fitness endeavours.

You can have more fun!

One of the best things about fitness classes, however, is simply that they’re great fun! Having a good time is crucial when it comes to getting active, as it means you’re far more likely to keep it up and make it a habit.

Exercising in a group can be a light-hearted, enjoyable way to work out, without the competitiveness of some sports. Instead, you can work out in a supportive, encouraging environment, where everyone is working towards the same goal.

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