View from a #DarkBlue… The President’s Award Night Success

View from a #DarkBlue… The President’s Award Night Success

By Madeleine Sava – Oxford University Sports Federation President 2013-14
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“How is it 6th week already?! Time flies when you’re having fun eh?

Fun is certainly what we have been having here in the sports fed office, we are on a high from the Annual Sports Awards success (more of that later), and we are all full of festive cheer as Oxmas (Oxford Christmas) rapidly approaches.

There is a rule in the office, imposed by Dave, that Christmas cannot be mentioned until 7th and 8th week – this means only four days until we are allowed to play Christmas songs, talk all we want about elves and eat lots of mince pies – I can’t wait!

Awards for all

The last few weeks my mind has been on one thing and one thing only – the Oxford University Annual Sports Awards! They were held last Friday in a marquee at OURFC, and the build up to it was manic and a bit stressful to say the least.

With 24 hours to go before the big day the table numbers still needed to be designed, the table plan finalised, the booze bought, the guest list finalised, the speeches written and, most importantly, I still needed to pick my outfit! It was all go in the office and I couldn’t be more appreciative of my colleagues support.

The night saw over 220 of Oxford’s finest sports people come together to celebrate the dark blue sporting success of last year. Blues blazers were donned and champagne was drunk under the twinkling of decorative fairy lights.

I started the night swearing that I would not touch the champagne until after my speeches, but I just couldn’t resist and I justified the three glasses of champagne as much needed ‘nerve calmers’. They did the job.

After a delicious three course meal, it was time to announce the award winners.

I would like to congratulate all the sportspeople, coaches and clubs nominated for the awards – the calibre of nominations was exceptional and the winners were all very deserving.

As the first part of the night, in the marquee, drew to a close peoples thoughts started to turn to dancing – and after a short stop over at Vincent’s Club, it was off to Wahoo we went.

The night was such a success and I am extremely happy – I am already looking forward to coming back for it next year. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Editor extraordinaire

You would have thought that after such a hectic run up to the Awards Night, there would be a lull in the Sports Fed Office. But, you would be wrong – Oxford sport goes on! My main focus now is editing and compiling articles for the Annual Review 2013, a 60 page magazine covering the sporting achievements and results of the past year.

Hopefully it will be published by the end of this term, in time for the Rugby Varsity Match on the 12th December!

The “V” word

Speaking of Varsity – that is another big project of mine this year. I am in the process of finalising all the details of the Varsity weekends (1st, 2nd and 8th, 9th March) and creating the Varsity Games timetable – all very exciting. I am really looking forward to shoeing the tabs on our own turf this year!

Schools Plus Sports, a volunteering outreach scheme organised with Oxford Hub, was successfully launched in 4th week. This saw a group of six of us go into the Oxford Spires School to teach a Year 7 class basic rugby skills.

The kids seem to really enjoy us teaching every Thursday morning but, us student volunteers on the other hand, although having rewarding fun, overlooked the fact that teaching kids at 08.30am on a Thursday morning may not sit too well after any Wednesday celebrations!

I hope that schools plus expands into more local schools next term.

Overall, my time in the position of Sports Federation President has been amazing so far. Not only have I met Jedward when they came to do some filming on the athletics track, I have also been involved with the organisation of Varsity 2014 and met so many new faces.

Taking on a more ‘behind the scenes’ role for sport at Oxford has allowed me to observe the passion students here have for their sport first hand.

What has struck me most is the ability for students here to put 100% into their sport, their dedication to it and their diligence.”


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Next week we will hear again from Tom Phelan the Football Sabbatical Officer. We will catch up with Madeleine again in the new year.


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