View from a #DarkBlue… Sports Fed’s Caroline

View from a #DarkBlue… Sports Fed’s Caroline

By Caroline Demetriou – Sports Federation
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“After an exciting British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Conference in Edinburgh where the new staff of the Sports Federation met for the first time, followed a very quiet summer of readying myself for BUCS fixtures. Including my trepidation at how things would be when the students all returned from Summer vacation…. I discovered I could not possibly have been less prepared if I tried.

Having administered BUCS fixtures and worked with students for the previous 6 years at the University of Kent, I genuinely thought I knew my job inside out, back to front and upside down! But, all of a sudden I didn’t know the basics like, how many pitches we have? Who to contact about things? Which hire companies I can use? Where can I go to cry in the corner on a Wednesday?! I could go on!

I found myself questioning things I really did know but didn’t feel confident that I was right, it was a strange place to find myself in after so many years of being “Queen of the BUCS fixture”!

One thing I found from day one was that the students at Oxford have been welcoming, understanding, dedicated, and most of all, friendly which has made my transition from Kent to Oxford so much easier than I imagined. Thank you all!

I knew that the standard of sport here was really good. But, seeing how much is achieved when there are so many more restrictions students time in comparison to most other universities is humbling and has taught me a few lessons in time management. It has also made me feel guilty that I am so rubbish at getting up in the morning! Knowing that the clubs have been training, had breakfast and are well into studying before I even arrive in the morning.

You have all inspired me to get back to training, I am not sure if I thank you for this yet, watch this space!

As far as BUCS is concerned, we are now into the week 5 of the leagues, and most sports have started their campaigns pretty successfully. We are currently sitting in 14th place in the BUCS overall points league table, down from the 11th place we finished at the end of last season. But, Cambridge are currently 26th so I think we are showing them that they need to be very afraid come the Varsity games!

The season is still young and I have every confidence that our dedicated band of sports elite are going to climb the BUCS ladder and be even more successful than we were last year.”

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This is the fourth in a weekly series of blog posts featuring views from different members of the sporting community at Oxford involved in student sports. Next week we will hear from Madeleine Sava, the Sports Federation President. We will catch up with Caroline again in the new year.

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