View from a #DarkBlue… Dave from Sports Fed

View from a #DarkBlue… Dave from Sports Fed

By David de-Beger – Sports Federation
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“Where does time go? Although five months have passed, it only feels like a month ago I was walking into Iffley, all lost and confused.

‘OxMas’, Michaelmas, and the first half of the BUCS calendar has swooshed by and I am starting to understand the quirks that make Oxford students glad they never went anywhere else, while others look on bewildered!

While many of you have been helping me grow into being at Oxford, I think that it will take more than a year to fully get into the flow of Oxford life!

While I am developing my Oxford ways, many of the teams have been keeping me busy! It seems that one of the hardest things to do is get people to agree to a weekend away for a trip or friendly, as the time draws closer to prove that your club knows how to ‘shoe the tab’ as well as any other.

Once you have the group organised I may have a week, but usually less, to source you transport and  juggle vehicle bookings around to work out a perfect combination.

Which is sometimes truly topped off by drivers scraping vehicles (maybe something to do with the Oxford size roads), so I then work out the puzzle game of which club can I swap to different vehicles to keep them travelling for their fixture.

It is really fun (mostly!) dealing with the transport side, knowing where the teams are spreading out to over the weekends. Which can see you regularly travelling as far as Bodmin in Cornwall, up to the Yorkshire Caves, Wales, Kent or Scotland, which has been done in a weekend by one club!

While this keeps me knowing what you are doing, I love when students send me emails about their trips and results from competitions! Knowing where you guys are off to, means that I know which clubs will have news to come and I look forward to getting back in the office on a Monday morning (even if it is freezing cold!) to hear how you guys have got on.

So, if you have been getting out and about (even if its ‘only’ in Oxfordshire) it is great to know how you got on. Working with over 85 clubs here does keep us on our toes but, that doesn’t stop us wanting to know your successes!

Having come from an outdoor and water sport background, I have enjoyed working with clubs on the individual entries to BUCS, as I know only too well the fun process of only having one competition a year to prove myself against other universities!

I think this is the most challenging aspect of my role, as I have to keep on top of information and dates. Traditionally I have only been good at dates, because calendar reminders are the way forward, else I would forget everything!

So, with deadlines, for entries, team and individual’s names, alongside getting club members registered on BUCS website it is busy. Then the actual event dates and information all being communicated via email to committees working in various libraries and labs around Oxford.

This is all topped off with the fantastic (!) phone signal you get in the buildings, meaning that often what could be a quick minute phone call takes 20 minutes of emails, as we both are trying to multi-task. But, we seem to achieve what we set out to do, and Oxford makes it’s representation at numerous events around the country.

As I said, time flies by and I sit here just scratching the surface of the work that I get to do to support the student active in their sports here. I haven’t got to the website updates I manage on the club mini-pages, or the funding and event planning I get to working alongside students with. This keeps me updated with what amazing things you are planning or aspiring to rise your club to new heights.

I will wrap up now, as I know you have more time as its out of term but, I also want to allow you to catch up on sleep and recover from the exciting rugby win at Twickenham, or the ski trip!

So far we have just had the cross-country and men’s rugby varsities, but Oxford’s campaign to put ‘the tabs’ back in their place has commenced for Varsity 2014, so in the best words from your Sports President:

“Let’s bring another Varsity win to Oxford on our home turf”

This is one of a weekly series of blog posts featuring views from different members of the sporting community at Oxford. Next week we will hear from Madeleine Sava, the Sports Federation President. We will catch up with Dave again in the new year.

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