Video: Roger Bannister’s relives historic 4-minute mile

Video: Roger Bannister’s relives historic 4-minute mile

Posted on: May 6th, 2014

60 years ago on Thursday 6th May 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile at our athletics track which now bears his name.

In our video he recalls the day, the moment he crossed the finish line and the announcer eventually said:

“Result of event eight: one mile. First, RG Bannister of Exeter and Merton colleges, in a time which, subject to ratification, is a new track record, British record, European record, Commonwealth record and world record – Three minutes and …”

The rest of the sentence drowned out by the cheering crowds at Iffley Road.

Sir Roger spoke to the University (below) for a special video in which he shares his memories of that May afternoon.

Selected articles from around the news:


Today on YouTube: Sir Roger Bannister’s famous sub-four-minute mile from 1954
Daily Telegraph online, 02/05/2014, Telegraph Sport

Today [Tuesday] is the 60th anniversary of the first sub-four minute mile, run by Oxford University student Roger Bannister at the University’s Iffley Road running track. When asked whether his run was his proudest achievement, Sir Roger, who went on to become a distinguished neurologist and Master of Pembroke College, said he felt prouder of his contribution to academic medicine through research in to the responses of the nervous system.

Sir Roger Bannister has Parkinson’s disease 60 years after 4 minute mile record
Daily Mirror, 02/05/2014, Louie Smith

Athletics legend Sir Roger Bannister has revealed he has Parkinson’s disease, on the eve of the 60th anniversary of his record-breaking run. Sir Roger, who became the first to run a sub-four minute mile on May 6, 1954, now struggles to walk. But the 85-year-old retired neurologist, who treated Parkinson’s sufferers, said: “I do not want to make a fuss. I make as light of it as I can. Just consider the alternatives – that is the way I look at it. One of my pleasures in life, apart from running, has been walking. Intellectually I am not [degenerating] and what is walking anyway?”

Roger Bannister turns clock back 60 years and still feels the thrill
Guardian Online, 05/05/2014, Sean Ingle

Time and place: Sir Roger Bannister
The Sunday Times, Roz Lewis, 04/05/2014

Sir Roger Bannister recounts his four-minute mile.

Faster, higher stronger – and all too often forgotten by the history books
The Times online, 06/05/2014, Rick Broadbent

Roger Bannister’s feat turns 60
San Francisco Chronicle (USA), 04/05/2014, via Associated Press

Radio: More or Less, BBC World Service
05/05/2014, 09:50, [c.10:04 on clock]

Focus on the four-minute mile from a statistical point of view.

‘I gave it everything’: Sir Roger Bannister marks 60 years since his record
Sunday Telegraph, 03/05/2014, Harry Wallop

Surge of inquiries expected after Sir Roger’s revelation
Oxford Mail, p.5, 03/05/2014, Alex Wynick

Sixty years on from the day Sir Roger changed athletics

Oxford Mail, p.8-9, 06/05/2014

Roger Bannister won’t forget moment he broke the four-mile mark
Daily Express, 06/05/2014, John Wragg

An account of the day Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile: ‘There was ham salad for lunch, a shower of rain at 5.15pm, a gusting wind, a false start, and then history…It is 60 years today since that iconic moment on the crunchy, uneven, gravel track at Iffley Road, Oxford…Bannister was 25, a medical student, and he was running in the annual Amateur Athletic Association v Oxford University Athletic Club match.’

Faster, higher, stronger – and all too often forgotten by the history books
The Times, 06/05/2014, Rick Broadbent

60 years on: Roger Bannister’s 4 minute mile
ITV online, 06/05/2014, Divya Kohli

Twin Tracks by Roger Bannister, review
The Telegraph online, Nicholas Shakespeare, 06/05/2014

Bannister Recalls His Record Mile 60 Years On
Sky News online, 06/05/2014, Paul Kelso

‘I was startled and just went on running faster and faster’
Oxford Mail, 09/05/2014, p12, Bill Heine

Columnist Bill Heine recalls an interview with Roger Bannister, 60 years after he ran the first four-minute mile as an Oxford medical student.

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