Transport Scheme

The scheme ensures that student clubs and societies registered with the Proctors (through the Clubs Committee or Sports Federation) have access to an adequate supply of good quality, safe vehicles at competitive prices. Vehicles are hired under special terms agreed with approved, local hire companies.

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1. You want to book a vehicle(s) for domestic travel (UK)
2. You have been given approval to book a vehicle(s) for
overseas travel (must of completed the trip form on the right)
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1. You do not need transport but need to register a domestic trip
2. You are planning an overseas trip or tour
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1. You want to drive on behalf of a club or society
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3. You have read the eligibility criteria below

Registering on the Scheme

Drivers must be registered on the Transport Scheme Driver Database. Drivers must have held their licence for at least 1 year to be eligible to drive a car on the scheme, with further requirements for driving an MPV, minibus or van. To register on the scheme simply use the ‘Apply for Driver RedCard’ button above and ensure you have the following documents ready to upload: –

1) A photo or scan of the front of your driving license card (front AND reverse if non-UK)

2) Download and send the PDF version of your driving summary – accessed via the ‘share’ link on the DVLA website. Drivers with a non-UK license cannot access DVLA license summaries and are therefore required to follow instruction (1) only.

It is the driver’s responsibility to know if they are eligible to drive in the UK. The Sports Federation will validate all requests to drive on the scheme and confirm registration on the database. Once registered, drivers will be able to collect a RedCard, which must be presented to the hire depot when collecting vehicles. These cards prove registration and insurance through the Transport Scheme. Drivers are registered on the database for 2 years and must re-submit the ‘Apply for Driver RedCard’ form to re-register on the scheme.

Driving a Vehicle on the Scheme

Driving a Car (Up to 5 seats)

Drivers must have held their license for at least 1 year and be eligible to drive in the UK. Licenses issued outside of the UK are accepted. Drivers are typically required to drive manual transmission vehicles, however the hire companies have a limited supply of automatic vehicles if required.

Driving an MPV (7 or 9 seats) or a Minibus (14 or 15 seats)

Drivers are required to pass a 2-hour driving assessment to drive larger vehicles, including minibuses (14/15 seats) or MPV’s (7/9 seats). During the assessment, the assessor demonstrates the required level of skill and the associated driving techniques, before drivers have the opportunity to practise the techniques themselves – under supervision. If drivers are able to demonstrate the required level of competence by the end of the session, the assessor will recommend the driver for registration on the Transport Scheme Driver Database as a minibus/MPV driver. Alternatively, drivers may be recommended for remedial training.

Each driver wishing to take an assessment must be eligible to drive in the UK and satisfy the following criteria: –

  • MPV assessment = at least 19 years of age; have held a full, clean (minor endorsements may be acceptable under certain conditions), UK category B (car)/ EU driving licence for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Minibus assessment = at least 21 years of age; have held a full, clean (minor endorsements may be acceptable under certain conditions), UK category B (car)/ EU driving licence for a minimum of 2 years (minibuses).


  • Drivers who successfully complete a minibus assessment are eligible to drive MPVs, but not vice versa.
  • Successful minibus drivers are only eligible to drive for sports and societies affiliated Clubs through the Sports Federation Section 19 permits, and not for departmental or college business.

Driving a Van

Drivers still need to complete an assessment and pass the above criteria. Short Wheel Based (SWB) vans require successful completion of an MPV assessment; Long Wheel Based (LWB) vans require successful completion of a minibus assessment.

Booking an Assessment

Please email to find out the next available dates, book a slot or multiple slot(s) or join the waiting list. Assessments are organised on a term-by-term basis and also during the long vacation. Assessments are subsidised for sports clubs (£30 per driver) and societies (£38 per driver) and departments are charged £70. These fees are invoiced to the club, society or department at the end of each term. Upon successfully completing an assessment, a driver is eligible to drive the appropriate vehicle for 2 years. This can be extended to 4 years dependant on driving experience over the first 2 year period. Please get in touch to request an extension.

Where are the hire companies located?

Hotsons Eurodrive:

Horspath Trading Estate 36 Pony Rd, Oxford, OX4 2RD | | 01865 715500

Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

10 Watlington Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 6NF | | 01865 396000


Various depots, please see confirmation for confirmation.

What are the Hire Company’s Rates?

4 Seat Car£25.20£27.48£27.80
5 Seat Car£34.80£29.07£37.00
MPV (7/9 Seat)£71.40N/A£ 86.40
Minibus (14/15 Seat)£78.00N/AN/A
Insurance (Per Vehicle Per Day)£13.00£13.00£13.00

Drivers must pay for the hire period upon collection of the vehicle, if unable to do so clubs will receive an invoice from the Sports Department at the end of term. Insurance is invoiced to clubs/societies/departments every term. Vehicles must be returned to the hire depot with a full tank of fuel. Fuel costs may be reimbursed to the driver by the club/society/department.

Further Information

Please contact the Sports Federation Transport Administrator

Tel: 01865 611488

Office: Iffley Road Sports Complex, Oxford University Sport, Jackdaw Lane, Oxford, OX4 1EQ.