The OxStu Sports’ round-up of the winter’s sporting action

The OxStu Sports’ round-up of the winter’s sporting action

Posted on: April 26th, 2013

Miles Dilworth of student newspaper the Oxford Student with comments from around the university’s sports teams to review Michaelmas and Hilary

Men’s Rugby

Season Summary: The Blues ended the season with more defeats (9) than victories (6), but it is hard to judge their season based on results alone.

Season Highlight: A stirring second-half comeback to beat Cambridge in the Varsity game.

Star Player(s): Samson Egerton was the winner of Alastair Hignall medal at the Varsity match.

Rating/in three words: 8/10

by Miles Dilworth

Women’s Rugby

Season summary: Finished fourth in the BUCS Premiership South, helped by a combination of experienced girls and talented newcomers.

Season Highlight: The first double Varsity victory since 2004. In hard-fought matches the Blues and Panthers each came away from Grange Road with a win.

Rating/in 3 words: 7. Double shoe!

by Tatiana Cutts OUWRFC captain

Men’s Rugby League

Season summary: Blues finished 2nd in BUCS Premier South, with three good wins over Brookes.

Season highlight: Smashing Tabs 32-4

Rating/in 3 words: 8. On the shelf.

by James Baker OURLFC

Men’s Football

Season summary: Successful despite Varsity defeat. Blues won promotion, dominating their league to finish with more than double the points of their nearest rivals.

Season highlight: A fantastic 2-2 draw against Atletico Madrid U18.

Star Player(s): Current captain Sam Donald, top-scorer Julian Austin and defensive stalwart Anthony Beddows.

Rating/in three words: 7/10

by Alex Biggs OUAFC secretary

Women’s Football

Season summary: Can’t do much more of a summary other than relegated, no wins, two draws, lost Varsity.

Star player(s): Lucie Bowden, Hannah Griffiths and Alison Feder

Rating/in three words: New players, rebuilding.

by Kim Kilmartin OUWAFC captain

Men’s Hockey

Season summary: The Blues had a breakthrough season this year, finishing 2nd in the South Prem, narrowly missing out on promotion to the National League. We also finished 3rd in a very competitive BUCS league.

Star player(s): Thomas Stubbs and newly-acquired Rupert Allison

by Ollie Sugg, OUHC

Women’s Hockey

Season summary: We reached second in the BUCS league and fourth in the South Women’s Hockey League. Defeat to Cambridge is an unfair reflection of two previous victories over them during the season.

Season highlight: Beating the top of the league team 3-0, a team who had previously been undefeated.

Star player(s): Lorna Dunning for her commitment and great captaincy throughout the season.

Rating/in three words: 9. Tough, fun, successful.

Women’s Lacrosse

Season summary: Training hard each week earned an 8-5 Varsity victory. Semi-finals of BUCS.

Season highlight: beating the top of the league team 3-0, a team who had previously been undefeated.

Star player(s): Gina Allchorn, Becs Kalderon, Beth Denham and Mo Sykes

by Ellie Hinde OUWLC

Men’s Badminton

Season summary: Oxford men’s badminton had an excellent season, with the first team coming middle of the Premier League.

Season highlight: Varsity hammering of Tabs 14-1

Rating/in three words: 9. Fun, competitive, victorious.

by Michael Senior OUBaC captain

Women’s Badminton

Season summary: Top in the BUCS Midlands 2B league, earning promotion to the first division, in addition to finishing top of the local women’s doubles division two. Despite an unusually high number of injuries, the team have improved a great deal .

Season highlight: Varsity match with an impressive 15-0 victory thanks to brilliant individual performances and great team spirit.

Star player(s): Rachel Kenny and Charlie Cutler, each playing in their last Varsity match for Oxford, demonstrated especially gritty determination in their doubles against Cambridge.

Rating/in three words: 10. Confident, determined, successful.

by Kathryn Hunt, OUWBaC

Credit: Original article by Miles Dilworth of The Oxford Student

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