Students complete the London Marathon

Students complete the London Marathon

Posted on: April 23rd, 2013

Last weekend thousands of people took to the streets for the Virgin London Marathon. Amongst them were many Oxford University students.

The British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Marathon 2013 is decided from taking the placings of students who have entered the race. Although we didn’t win any medals, well done to all who took part in the race, special mention must go to top Oxford girl and boy, Marie McHugh (7th) and Chris Hartley (5th)!


Oxford students placings in the BUCS Marathon 2013:


7th  Marie McHugh 03:39:22

8th Rachel Cassidy 03:40:26


5th Chris Hartley 02:41:21

7th Robert Noble 02:44:14

=10th Oliver Starkey 02:46:08

23rd James Felce 02:58:35

24th Ben Trigg 02:59:08

26th Ben Bussmann 03:04:14

=30th Tom Eliasz 03:12:45

33rd Jacob Day 03:23:16

35th Jim Fouracre 03:25:33

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