Blues’ Committees & Supporting Bodies

Blues’ Committees & Supporting Bodies

The awarding of Blues and Half Blues is regulated by the Men’s or Women’s Blues Committee. The committee’s main activity is determining the criteria that must be met in any sport before a blue, half blue, or extraordinary and discretionary blues may be awarded. Please contact the committee through the link below:


Supporting Bodies

The wider promotion of Sporting success here at Oxford is supported through Atalanta’s Society and Vincent’s Clubs.

Vincent’s Club        

Vincent’s was established in 1863. The club has been defined by a shared passion for sporting excellence, a loyalty to fellow members, as well as a drive for personal improvement and community outreach.


Atalanta’s Society 

Atalanta’s was founded in 1992 with the aims of bringing together Oxford’s leading sportswomen and promoting women’s sport both within and outside of the university.