Blues Support Scheme

Blues Support Scheme

What is the Blues Support Scheme?

The scheme consists of various support programs that, together, should see you enhance you performance. The scheme is funded to support Blues (1st team) athletes only. All elements of the scheme are aimed at Blues standard athletes who want to advance in their sport.  Membership for the scheme is applied for annually. Once you are a member, you will receive a core body test in order to identify issues to work on as prehab, and to direct you to appropriate sections of the scheme.

The Blues support programme is about creating a system where you are able to maximise your potential and minimise your performance decrements.

The overarching theme of the scheme is providing support to allow you to perform and train at the required capacity. The scheme will provide you with a blue print for continual development at University and beyond. We hope that participants will look back and appreciate the value of the skills and strategies promoted by the Blues Support programme.

Where is the scheme run from?

The scheme is run from multiple facilities, but coordination centrally through Oxford University Sports Federation. All communication should go through where the scheme administration will be able to respond to any enquires.

What difference does the scheme have to my training?

The scheme is designed for you grow your personal ability to look after yourself and plan your life outside training to match the intensity of your training sessions. The more that you connect with the scheme the more it will have an impact.

The impact is not always seen immediately, and we are looking at the long term plan rather than lots of short term gains (which student club tend to focus on). We recognise that Blues based performance is incredibly important for a sports-person at Oxford University. From an educational perspective most sports-people will have not reached their potential by the time they graduate. We aim to provide an environment where you can really understand what you need to do to reach your potential. We want you to play as well as possible whilst at Oxford and give you the tool kit to continue to succeed after Oxford.

How do I join the scheme?

The scheme is open to all Blues training individuals. To join the scheme, you need to fill out a form and attend one of the conditioning core tests. Once this has been completed you are free to access and participate in all parts of the scheme.

There is also a ‘performance option’ (explained in the ‘Performance Support’ section) which is a very focused program that connecting coaches and team/individual.

How do I contact the scheme?

All communication should go through where the scheme administration will be able to respond to any enquires.

Helpful documents for 2016-17

Blues Support Scheme overview
Blues Support Scheme membership form
Additional coaching request form
Additional facilities request form
Individual performance request form
Team performance request form