Club Travel Overseas

Any club travelling overseas and wish to seek travel insurance through the University scheme, must have registered application forms with the Insurance Department by 4 weeks before you travel, providing the trip risk assessment has been approved by David White. Any applications received after this date may not be considered and trip participants will need to make their own insurance arrangements.

Overseas Sports Trips

Is your club planning an overseas trip (this includes Southern Ireland)?

There are guidelines set down by the Proctors’ and Assessor’s Memorandum (from Appendix E: Regulations of the Rules Committee) – which can be seen by clicking here.

‘Part 4 – Overseas Activities

4.1. (1) No student member shall participate in any sports tours, competitions, or training activities which involve overseas travel during Full Term or the Thursday and Friday immediately preceding Full Term without the prior permission of:

(a) the Senior Tutor or other designated college officer of that member’s college, society, Permanent Private Hall, or other designated institution; and

(b) the Proctors.

(2) The written permission of the Senior Tutor or other designated college officer shall accompany any request to the Proctors.

4.2. No student member shall organise any activity overseas on behalf of any club, society or other organisation registered with the Proctors, whether during term-time or vacation, without applying to the Proctors for permission before any firm commitments are entered into and in any case not less than one calendar month in advance of the proposed date of departure from the United Kingdom. The application for the Proctors’ permission must be accompanied by details of the plans for the activity concerned, including finances. When considering applications the Proctors may take advice as appropriate from the Sports Safety Officer, the Director of Sport, the University Marshal, and committees of the Conference of Colleges.

4.3. Each student member participating in such activities overseas for which permission has been given by the Proctors in accordance with section 4.2 above shall observe any conditions imposed by the Proctors, e.g. relating to the deposit of contact addresses, fulfilment of health, safety, and insurance requirements, and stipulation of coaches, trainers, or Senior Members to accompany the trip.’

In practice, this means that trips abroad apply to:

  • Any club activity which is being conducted under the name of the University of Oxford.
  • Trips publicised at club meetings.
  • Trips publicised on club websites, journals, leaflets and/or notice boards.
  • Trips funded in any way by the University, Sports Federation or the Club.
  • Trips which require the use of equipment owned by the University, Sports Federation or the Club.
  • Trips which require transport arranged through the University Transport Scheme.

So, what does the club have to do?

Click on the following link, and Register the Trip – complete the form:

Remember, you must give at least one month’s notice. If the trip is during Full Term or the Thursday and Friday immediately preceding Full Term, remember that permission of a student’s College Senior Tutor and of the Proctors’ Office will be needed, so please give as much notice as possible.

The form will be sent to the Sports Safety Officer, David White. You will then be sent an email asking for:

1) Trip Specific Risk Assessment – This is to be specific to your planned trip incorporating details of the hazards associated with the trip, including travel and all the activities planned.

2) Itinerary Form – This will involve setting out a planned day to day itinerary (to include any additional activities, excursions, etc.), contact details for all those going and their next of kin details.

3) Full Travel Insurance – In most cases, it is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance through the University Insurance Department. They offer a bespoke policy at £18 per person. (Note: The trip risk assessment needs to be approved by the Sports Safety Officer before travel insurance will be issued). Click on the following link for full details:

What is covered?

Tour participants can obtain their own travel insurance (travelling on University business) but such policies should be on a par with the benefits of the University scheme.

For any queries regarding a club’s overseas trip, please email the Sports Safety Officer:

David White