Sport Open Day Success

Sport Open Day Success

Posted on: September 25th, 2013

The final undergraduate open day of the year took place on Friday 20 September, with several thousand visitors coming to look around the city and University.

Here at Oxford University Sport staff welcomed informal visitors all day and ran a tour in the afternoon.

We had a help desk at the Exam Schools to provide information to prospective students and their families. Amongst fielding questions about the wide range of sports available and our clubs we answered any burning admissions queries people had! It is a daunting process applying to Oxford and being able to provide some information with a little relevance to their sport was hopefully helpful.

Around Oxford the Women’s Boat Club (pictured) were answering questions next to their rowing boat in Radcliffe Square and OURFC members were on hand to welcome prospective rugby players to the ground.

Particularly successful was the ‘Student Life’ talk which saw Sports Federation President Madeleine Sava join representatives from the student’s union, Cherwell newspaper and drama societies to field questions on everything outside of study!

“I think it is really important that students are aware that when they come to Oxford it isn’t all about work and they can fit sport into their schedule. There are plenty of activities they can get involved in whether it be at a competitive or social level.

Oxford students epitomise the “Play hard, work hard” ethos. We are high achievers but, you will need skills like leadership, communication and determination which sport gives you, when you eventually enter the big, wide world of work.

Sport enhanced my university experience by introducing me to other people outside of my course and college, and allowed me to relax and stay healthy and I want applicants to know they can continue their love or take up something entirely new at Oxford!”

The 2014 Oxford University Open day dates are 2 July, 3 July and 19 September

Visit our website section listing all sports clubs. For more information on applying to Oxford visit the University Admissions website

We were handing out copies of our Annual Review, if you haven’t seen it view a digital version online here. The next instalment will be published in November 2013.

If you would like more information on how you can combine your work and sport at Oxford do not hesitate to contact the Sports Federation President

Author: Simon Griffin

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