Oxford University Sport in the News

Oxford University Sport in the News

Posted on: September 17th, 2013

Our recent mentions in the press include…

Burnley Football Club coach Sean Dyche inspired by OUBC

The Clarets boss revealed to the Daily Mirror how he benefited from studying the Oxbridge rowers as part of his UEFA Pro Licence

Sean Dyche inspired by Boat Race training as he aims to take Burnley back to the Premier League

The secrets of Mo Farah’s success

Article looks at the key elements in Mo Farah’s running technique that make him such a fast runner. Dr Jessica Leitch analyses footage of Farah’s running style. Dr Leitch is a visiting fellow at the Department of Engineering and sciencebiomechanics expert at Run 3D, a spin out company from Oxford University based here at Oxford University Sport

“The secrets of Mo Farah’s success” – The Daily Telegraph

“How to run like Mo Farah” (Video) – The Daily Telegraph

Healthy lifestyle may slow aging in our cells

Article on a new study which suggests healthy living may reverse aging deep in our cells includes comment from Dr Lynne Cox, a biochemistry lecturer at the University of Oxford who was not involved in the study.

“Healthy Lifestyle may slow ageing in our cells” – CBS News (USA), Michelle Castillo, 17/09/2013

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