Mixing Earth Sciences, the Outdoors, Greenland, and Education into one pot

Posted on: August 2nd, 2013

Anna Bidgood (St. Anne’s) is currently out in Greenland supporting a Scottish 6th Form group blending her growing knowledge of Earth Sciences and her passion for the outdoors into an Expedition. Anna is making the most of the Long Vac to continue building her own passions and hopefully inspiring some of the young people with her.

Anna is supported through the charity ‘Expeditions Through Education’ (ETE) which works across the country to bring exploration into the classroom for all students to engage with. Anna, who is also an ETE Ambassador, is engaging these twelve 6th formers out in the environment and looking to share her knowledge in Geology.

To follow the progress of Anna and the team, then you can read her Blog by clicking here.

For more information about Expeditions and what current students and alumni are getting up to, then contact the Oxford Exploaration Club. The Oxford Exploration Club (OEC) exists to help improve knowledge of our world through overseas exploration by members of Oxford University. We aim to inspire, encourage and assist exploration in all its manifestations. It’s something we’ve been doing for 85 years, making us the oldest such club in the world. To this day the Club’s members lead expeditions that push back the boundaries of our knowledge about the world around us. Our members have now travelled to virtually every region of the world – yet there is still much to discover!

Or to learn more about the work of Expeditions Through Education (ETE) then visit their website.