Karting 24-hour endurance world record smashed!

Karting 24-hour endurance world record smashed!

Posted on: October 8th, 2013

Oxford University Sport member, Lloyd de Boltz-Miller broke the karting 24-hour world record yesterday covering 2,358 laps of the Grantham PFi track in Lincolnshire. That works out as approximately 1081 miles which breaks the previous record for the distance covered in 24 hours, held by his rival Trey Shannon. Speaking directly after the event Lloyd said,

“I’m proud to bring another World Record back to Oxford University. Training amongst the heritage and athletes at Iffley Road certainly helped towards this record, it’s such an inspirational place to work from”

L De Boltz Miller Karter World Record 07 10 13Lloyd trains at Oxford University Sport with Strakka Racing personal trainer Stuart Wild and physiotherapist Jon Pringle of Peak Sporting Performance, based on site. Jon provided physio support on the day and continues to work with him through the year:

“I’ve been working with Lloyd for 11 months in preparation for this. Four months ago I treated a disc bulge in his lumber spine and seven weeks ago he suffered whiplash from someone crashing into the back of him. So, even getting to the starting grid has been a challenge! It’s a real test of endurance, the physical strain coupled with racing in such an uncomfortable seat for that long must be hard! He could only take breaks when he came into the pits, this is minimised to when the fuel is running out. He has 4 minutes to go to the loo or take on food and fluids, this is the only chance we get to treat him so you can imagine it is tough on the support team also to stay up all night!”

Lloyd works as a performance consultant to the motor sport and automotive sector.

Jon Pringle is available year round to work with athletes and members of the public for physiotherapy support. Please feel free to contact him on email or phone 07535 030604

Stuart Wild is famous for working with Jenson Button in his rise through the ranks to Formula One. He currently works with many racing drivers including those involved in Le Mans and GP3.

While this record was done to primarily raise awareness of Cancer Research, you can still donate online to support Cancer Research through Lloyd’s page on JustGiving

You can also follow Lloyd on Twitter @deBoltzMiller

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