Pool Timetable

2017/18 Dates of Term

Pool space allocation varies between terms. Oxford University clubs mostly train during evenings in term, however all Oxford University Sport members can enjoy swimming until late in the evening outside of term.

Term Start Date – End Date
Michaelmas 2017 Sun, 08 Oct – Sat, 02 Dec
Hilary 2018 Sun, 14 Jan – Sat, 10 Mar
Trinity 2018 Sun, 22 April – Sat, 16 Jun
(Michaelmas 2018) (Sun, 07 Oct – Sat 01 Dec)


Pool Timetable

Michaelmas: Sun 01 Oct – Sat 09 Dec 2017

Outside of Term

Shallow end pool depth is set at 0.9 metres during children’s swim school, 15:45 – 16:45. The deep end remains at 2.0 metres. One half of the pool remains open to members (2 single lanes and 1 double lane – running from the shallow end to the deep end).

The male/village/female pool changing rooms are individually closed for deep cleaning 11:30 – 12:30 three times per week (Mon = male change, Wed = village change, Fri = female change).

The pool timetable is updated termly, according to bookings and events.

Check our additional lane closures and special events before you travel