Contribute To Oxford Sporting History!

Contribute To Oxford Sporting History!

Posted on: January 30th, 2014

We would like to build up a picture of Oxford sporting history and need your help!

The University are revamping the main website and producing an “On This Day” feature which will randomly show facts and info to visitors.

We want to showcase as much about Oxford’s rich sporting history as possible!  

We have created an online form below so that you can submit facts and and we’d be very grateful if you could circulate this link with members past and present of your club.

Think of this as an advert for your sport and its achievements, there will be the option for a link after the content so that the viewer can find out more on your website. You can submit as many as you like but they have to be entered one at a time.

Roger BannisterPossible ideas:

  • Dates of birth, death and major achievements of well known alumni
  • Date of awards given
  • Opening of new facilities
  • Olympic, Paralympic success
  • Club achievements
  • Individuals achievements
  • Women in Oxford Sport (which will be shared with the Oxford Women in Sport committee too)
  • Famous alumni

This information will be shared with the University Public Affairs Directorate and could appear on and We will not publish your personal details.

Anything you think may be of interest please submit. Any questions or if you have a lot of information to submit or would like to help ‘champion’ the collection of historical facts please contact Simon Griffin.

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