Club Members: Facility Access

Members of Oxford University recognised sports clubs* can register online, using the link below, to get access to Iffley Road Sports Centre for club activities. Registering for facility access does not mean you have memberships of the club. Club facility access registrations will be periodically checked against club membership details submitted to the Sports Federation to ensure that only club members have access to club activities.

*Members of clubs that utilise regular bookings in the swimming pool or powerlifting gym are required to purchase a membership which includes swimming or powerlifting repspectively.

Registration Instructions

Follow the instructions below to register online for ‘club facility access’ to ensure you can access Iffley Road Sports Centre for your clubs activities

OU Students – Registering online for the first time: On the ‘Basic Details’ screen, choose “Yes, I have an email address”, click on “forgotten password” and enter your “” email.  Log-in instructions will be sent to your university email address.

By registering for club facility access, or purchasing any membership or activity pass, or by purchasing and/or authorising an access card, you are authorising Oxford University Sport to process the information supplied to provide you with the services you have requested in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.  You also agree to receive communication from us regarding your facility access and/or membership(s).  We may share your data with third parties for agreed processing as set out in our Privacy Policy, which can also be viewed when registering through the online portal.

Additional Memberships

If you would like to to buy an individual membership to Iffley Road Sports Centre, in addition to your club facility access, you can do so by visiting our membership pages and selecting your membership status.