Sports Federation Offset BUCS Travel Emissions

Oxford University Sports Federation select ClimateCare to offset our carbon emissions with projects that improve lives and fight climate change.

As part of Oxford University Sports Federation’s approach to taking responsibility for our impact on the environment, we have partnered with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare to offset the carbon emissions associated with transport emissions for BUCS associated travel.

Oxford University Sports Federation identified weekly inter-university fixtures and competition travel as a key source of carbon emissions; while we continuously look to more climate friendly transport means, offsetting the carbon emitted from minibus and car travel to fixture and competition provides the best option to take accountability for our climate impact.

Through climate and development experts ClimateCare, an Oxford based organisation, we are compensating for our footprint through a number of different projects that are improving lives alongside cutting emissions.

Financially contributing towards these projects deliver on many outcomes that link to our core purposes of health and physical activity, as well as resulting in our emissions being offset. Oxford University Sports Federation work with ClimateCare to support the following projects, as well as other projects in the Climate+Care Portfolio.

India Wind

Providing rural communities with clean energy. This wind farm in India generates renewable electricity which feeds into the grid, displacing fossil fuel energy and improving connections for rural communities.


LifeStraw Water Filters – Providing Safe Water in Kenya

The award winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water project provides simple, gravity fed water filters for families in Kenya. It not only provides safe drinking water to 4 million people, it cuts carbon emissions by removing the need to boil water in order to make it safe to drink.

“We are delighted to work with ClimateCare who are experts in this field, with over 20 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest carbon offset programmes in the world. Working with them has helped us understand how we can integrate action to tackle climate change and improve people’s lives.”

Marcus Boswell, Sports Coordinator for Participation, Oxford University Sports Federation

“We are delighted to be working with Oxford University Sports Federation to deliver innovative projects at an unprecedented scale. Our Climate+Care model helps organisations take a smart approach to addressing their environmental impacts by offsetting their carbon emissions and supporting sustainable development”.

Rob Stevens, Head of Partnerships, ClimateCare

This initial project has been recognised by the University of Oxford’s Environmental & Sustainability Department, and discussions are ongoing to expand and facilitate a larger, more meaningful impact on the environment. We are looking at additional transport emissions for non-BUCS events, regular training trips and international tours as options to incorporate into the project to ensure the widest breadth of carbon emissions from our activities are offset.

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