Big Adventure in Oxford for Jedward!

Big Adventure in Oxford for Jedward!

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014

CBBC children’s television programme “Jedward’s Big Adventure” came to film in Oxford recently. The story of the four minute-mile achieved at Oxford University Sport took centre stage in their mission to find facts, fun and famous faces.

The show stars worldwide pop sensations John and Edward Grimes who must impart their wisdom of the UK’s finest visitor attractions on an unsuspecting group of tourists.

Click here to view the episode on the CBBC iPlayer, available until Saturday 22 February 2014. We are on 09mins 55secs into the episode

Their mission in the show is to learn the key facts from the destination and give their own unique tour to a bus load of young sightseers, who are tested at the end. Whichever brother’s team manages to get across the most number of correct facts wins an awesome prize – with the losing team having to face a horrible forfeit!

Oxford University Sport’s site at Iffley Road was the scene of one of the greatest sporting achievements in the 20th century – the breaking of the four-minute mile. Medical student and physiologist Sir Roger Bannister broke through the ‘cement wall’ on 6 May 1954, completing the mile race in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds.

In the Oxford episode, to be aired on Wednesday 29th January at 16:30pm, Jedward go rowing on the river, attempt their own 4 minute mile at the track and Sports Fed President Madeleine tries to teach them some facts about Sir Roger!

A brand new 10 episode series launches January 20th 2014, 4:30pm on the CBBC Channel with the Oxford episode on January 29th, 4:30pm.

Click here to view the episode which is available until Saturday 22 February 2014 on the CBBC iPlayer

For more information visit CBBC: Jedward’s Big Adventure


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