We all know that exercise and physical activity can have a really important impact on our mental and physical health, but finding the motivation to get outside can be a challenge at the best of times – and it can be doubly challenging when the weather’s like it has been recently, and all you want to do is curl up inside and stay warm.

When there’s snow on the ground, the wind is roaring, or the rain is lashing, even the most committed fitness-enthusiasts find it a challenge to stick to their long-term goals.

So perhaps now is a good time to try out some new sports and activities that you can enjoy indoors, without having to face down some of the roughest weather Oxford has to offer.

What’s available?

Iffley Road Sports Centre has plenty of indoor sports and fitness activities – especially if you’d rather avoid outdoor exercise when the weather is at its worst.

Great value memberships are available for the fully-equipped gym, which is the perfect place to work on your fitness goals, safely hidden from the elements.

We’ve also just launched a new fitness class membership, which offers unlimited access to classes. We’ve talked about the benefits of exercising in a group before, and why for many people, group exercise is easier to stick with on a consistent basis, so this is a really great option.

Iffley Road’s swimming pool is always warm and welcoming – regardless of the weather and, if  you’ve not visited for a while, you might not have seen the new café area, which is a great place to chill out and reward your efforts with a well earned drink or sandwich. It also serves as the perfect place to hide with a coffee, should you need to wait out any storms.

The recent Iffley Road redevelopment also saw the opening of a fantastic new sports hall facility. The LED lit floor instantly transforms to display crisp and clear lines for a variety of different indoor sports, and is a brilliant way to remove the confusion of a traditional sports hall floor, where there is a mess of crisscrossing lines from different sports.

If it’s the very thought of leaving the house that’s bringing you out in a cold sweat, however, don’t forget that you can always get active in the comfort of your own home.

There are various exercises available that use your own bodyweight, giving you the option to avoid the bad weather altogether. The NHS provides some great activity advice here.

So whether you want to wrap up warm and battle the cold weather head on, or stay nice and comfy indoors while getting active – remember that where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

This post is part of our Active at Oxford campaign, to encourage more students to enjoy the benefits of sports and physical activity. See here for more information.

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